Election Games

2014 Round 7:

Brazil  26 Oct

Enter here

2014 By-Elections:

Clacton/Heywood  9 Oct


2014 Round 5:

Scotland  18 Sep

Double-header with Catalonia

2014 Round 6:

New Zealand  20 Sep

Double-header with Romania

2014 Round 4:

Sweden  14 Sep

Double-header with Indonesia

2014 Round 4:

Indonesia  9 July

Double-header with Sweden

2014 By-Elections:

Newark  5 June


2014 Round 3:

Euro-Elections  22-25 May

Stand-alone round

2014 Round 1:

Belgium  25 May

Double-header with Hungary

About the Game


About the Election Game

The Election Game began with the US Presidential election in 1992, and is the only international election prediction game on the web. The Game portfolio now features 38 countries, and extensive coverage of British, American, European, and international elections and politics, as well as touching on finance and economics. A total of 117 games have been released up to the end of 2013.

The Election Game is a dynamic championship – each game is a contest in its own right, with players trying to predict the outcome of a particular election, but players also earn ranking points from every game which count towards the annual race for the championship, so it’s a bit like a political version of Fantasy Football or the Formula One Drivers’ Championship. Each calendar year is a separate season.

Games normally include links to previous election results and general background for the relevant election, and all election games other than British or American ones always have links to opinion polls if available. We also have two all-year games, Leaders and Finance, where players make their predictions in January for the situation at the end of the year, and the Game also features every single UK by-election.

We don’t claim to cover absolutely everything, but we do think that our 38-country Portfolio now covers all of the world’s leading democracies (as well as Russia!), plus a number of smaller countries in Europe. If you are wanting in-depth worldwide coverage of elections, we strongly recommend the excellent World Elections site.

The five themes of comparative politics, electoral geography, political leadership, government formation, and political economy (in particular, the relationship between the political “markets” of voters/opinion polls, and the financial markets) underlie what we cover in the Election Game.


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If you are interested in taking part, and are not already a Game player, please contact us at:



The Game can also be followed on Twitter here under @electiongame


The Election Game is produced and created by Paul Maggs, Double Carpet on the Politicalbetting site. Very special thanks to Peter, who takes care of the Game website design and maintenance, and thanks also to Fiery Ring, who acts as a general adviser and sounding board for the Game management team.