Election Games

2014 Round 9:

Japan  14 Dec


2014 By-Elections:

Rochester  20 Nov


2014 Round 8:

US Midterms  4 Nov


2014 Round 6:

Romania  2 Nov


2014 Round 7:

Brazil  26 Oct


2014 By-Elections:

Clacton/Heywood  9 Oct


2014 Round 5:

Scotland  18 Sep


2014 Round 6:

New Zealand  20 Sep

Double-header with Romania

2014 Round 4:

Sweden  14 Sep

Double-header with Indonesia

2014 Round 4:

Indonesia  9 July

Double-header with Sweden

2012 Season

Click here for the final 2012 tables

^ denotes Choose Your Election option

Leaders & Finance 2012   Closed 9th January, settled 31st December

Round 1    New Hampshire primary  Tuesday 10th January

double-header with   South Carolina primary^  Saturday 21st January  or  Florida primary^  Tuesday 31st January

Round 2   Russia Presidential  Sunday 4th March

double-header with  Super Tuesday  Tuesday 6th March

Round 3   Illinois primary  Tuesday 20th March

double-header with  Bradford West  Thursday 29th March

Round 4   French Presidential  Sundays 22nd April & 6th May

Round 5   London Mayor  Thursday 3rd May

Round 6   Greece  Sunday 6th May

double-header with   Ireland Referendum  Thursday 31st May

Round 7    Greece  Sunday 17th June

Round 8    Mexico Presidential  Sunday 1st July

Finance/Leaders Trading   22 August to 2nd September

Round 9    Netherlands  Wednesday 12th September

Round 10    US Presidential  Tuesday 6th November

Round 11    UK By-Elections  Thursdays 15th & 29th November

Round 12   Japan  Sunday 16th December

double-header with   South Korea Presidential  Wednesday 19th December