Election Games

2014 Round 2:

India  Apr/May

Out soon

2014 Round 1:

Hungary  6 Apr


2014 By-Elections:

Wythenshawe  13 Feb

2014 All-Year Games:

Leaders & Finance


Each game 75 points for a win

2013 Round 8:

Chile  17 Nov/15 Dec

Final results
Double-header with Czech Rep

2013 Round 9:

NJ & Virginia  5 Nov

Final results
2013 Round 8:

Czech Republic  25/26 Oct

Final results
Double-header with Chile

2013 Round 7:

Austria  29 Sep

Final results

2011 Season

Click here for the final 2011 tables

^ denotes Choose Your Election option

Leaders & Finance 2011   Closed 12th January, settled 30th & 31st December

Latest results for these games included in 2011 tables

Round 1  Oldham East & Saddleworth  Thursday 13th January

Round 1 final results

Round 2   Ireland   Friday 25th February  

double-header with  Barnsley Central  Thursday 3rd March

Round 2 final results

Round 3   Canada  Monday 2nd May

double-header with  Finland  Sunday 17th April

Round 3 final results

Round 4   AV Referendum   Thursday 5th May

quadruple-header with  Leicester South, England locals, and Northern Ireland, all Thursday 5th May

Round 4 final results

Round 5    Scotland & Wales  Thursday 5th May

Round 5 final results

Round 6    Portugal   Sunday 5th June

double-header with  Turkey   Sunday 12th June

Round 6 final results

Round 7    Belfast West  Thursday 9th June

double-header with  Inverclyde  Thursday 30th June

Round 7 final results

Finance/Leaders Trading   18 August – 6 September

Trading results

Round 8    Denmark  Thursday 15th September

double-header with  West Virginia Governor^ Tuesday 4th October  or  Poland^ Sunday 9th October

Round 8 final results

Round 9     Switzerland  Sunday 23rd October

double-header with  Ireland Presidential   Thursday 27th October

Round 9 final results

Round 10    Argentina Presidential   Sunday 23rd October

Round 10 final results

Round 11    Spain  Sunday 20th November

double-header with  New Zealand  Saturday 26th November

Spain final results      New Zealand final results

Round 12    Feltham & Heston  Thursday 15th December

Round 12 final results